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Boundless release from german cult group
Revieved by Torben Holleufer, Gaffa
Embryo is a legendary german group, who were the first participants in the wave, which in the 1970’es became known as Krautrock. They can be seen as The Mothership in the wave, which also brought us Amon Düül II, Tangerine Dream, Can, Dissidenten, Popol Vuh and a number of others. Here Christian Burchard has been the leader on a journey, which has transgressed all borders, and which originally started when he as a boy met Dieter Serfas, who via Embryo ended up in Amon Düül. But Embryo started in Munich in 1967 and this release is a look back over 40 years without even the shadow of compromise. Containing a pairing of limitless curiosity, global consciousness and incredible musicality and ability. Embryo were among to take world music seriously and incorporate it in their output, and they have been on a continuous world tour through their whole existence. And this release is fully documenting many of these journeys.
Yours truly was hanging out with Embryo in Tanger in Morocco in the spring of this year. Just one of many caravan pitstops on the journeys of Embryo, but an important one, because it was there, that the pianist Randy Weston had a famous venue in the medina during the 1960’es, and Embryo are also part of that story. But it is also significant, that my friend, the current sound man, Lars Rex, met the bus of Embryo in Pakistan around 1980, when the band were on a several years long travel through Asia, where they looked up musical masters and played their way, while they recorden and sucked up inspiration. And the collected output has also been along those lines: Madly impressive.
There are many divine moments during this release. Like the beautiful pieces in the beginning with Burchard’s declarations of love to his wife Eva – their mutual daughter Marja is a stellar member of Embryo these days – and via the many meetings with capacities like Trilok Gurtu, gnawa master Maâllem Mahmoud Gania, friends of destiny like Peter Michael Hamel, who has had the cult band, Between, or their unique moments in the house of musicians in Tanger, where the local musicians have played with angels, and the german musicians has joined in every detail and provides base and autencity. Or the many cooperations with people from the world of jazz, like pianist Mal Waldron and flautist and saxplayer, Charlie Mariano. This is the artistic catch of Burchard & Co.: They don’t copy or use world music as a gimmick. Because they are so much into it and know their modal music to the core, and thus can go in on an equal basis and create great art.
It is a highly recomendable record. Because of it’s history, for the myths that are connected with it, but most of all because the connectedness, so it doesn’t become a listing, where there is a vast difference in quality and homogenity. No, whether we are in 1967 or here forty years later, it is the same liberating global expression, which is evident in every stanza.



Madlib, Embryo, J Rocc in Berlin: Oct. 13

Following his landmark jam-sessions with Embryo founder Christian Burchard (vibes/drums), Burchard's daughter Marja, Embryo/Dissidenten members Uve Mullrich (bass) and Roman Bunka (guitar), Mullrichs’s daughter, the vocalist Bajka, and J.Rocc in Munich this past spring, Madlib has booked a series of rehearsals with the band - and one live show - in Berlin this October.

What will unfold is anyone's guess - but given that Madlib has made it clear that he already has recorded two albums' worth of music from the jam sessions alone - and is planning an album with Bajka based around music from Embryo's Riese album - this will probably be an event worth traveling for. Limited tickets available





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